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, Seems like you are blaming the aquarist for the habits of the local collectors and as far as I know there are very few people that collect for their own tank.

In my experience in Fiji, the largest coral exporter in the world I believe, most collection was done by local Fijians.

They then transfer the livestock to the various companies exporting.

During my stay there I also became aware of the various destructive habits of Fijians upon their own reefs.

I heard of local Fijians eating sea turtles even though it was illegal since January, an article was published in the Fiji Times about how two turtles from a research station in Hawaii were caught and 1 was eaten.

I also witnessed a sea turtle in a fish collection system in Suva.

I inquired the manager on why it was there and she replied it would be returned to the ocean soon.

I also witnessed various large breeding size fish including specimens that would be considered exported by the aquarium trade eaten for food.

Am I saying they cannot eat these fish?

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