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are taking notice.

What was once known as the land of cheap rip-offs may now offer a glimpse at the future.

Part I: Intro.

If you are sitting in the United States or Europe right now, youve probably never used a Chinese app, but the reality is, if you want to know how the internet will develop, China, the land once known.

Part II: The creation of the Chinese Swamp Monster.1 You know, the internet is the internet, but for China the internet is more like an intranet.

Its largely walled off from the Western world by this incredible complex system of filters and blocks that we call the Great Firewall.

And basically the Great Firewall blocks any foreign site the Communist Party doesnt think it can control.

2.2 So that means there is no Facebook, no Twitter, no Google.

Instead, what filled the internet vacuum was a generation of Chinese copycats that have grown into huge companies.

2.3 So for Google, you had Baidu; for YouTube, you had Youku; for Twitter, you had Sina Weibo, and the list goes on and.

2.4 Its almost as if the Chinese internet is a lagoon as an aside to the greater ocean of the internet, and in that lagoon there are these swamp monster apps that bear some resemblance to the creatures.

Part III: The Chinese Swamp Monster Leaves the Pond.1 But things have started to shift, in the sense that before, no one outside of the lagoon really cared about the swamp monsters.

But now all of a sudden, some of the features theyve developed are so amazing that Western apps are trying to copy them.

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