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X tube gay

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X tube gay
a couple or several reasons.

So which is Xtube?

Another run of the mill free gay porn site, a jewel in a sea of digital shit, or something else entirely?

Read on to find out.

What Makes This Site Unique?

To be honest, not too much.

Xtube incorporates the tried and true design and feature formula seen on most tube sites.

That said, like any user-driven website, there are certain niches and filming styles which are common on this website.

First off, unlike a lot of tubes nearly all of the content is amateur uploads, so there's not much in terms of copypasta pirated premium content.

On the plus side, youre going to see loads of original content.

But when it comes to whether or not its goodwell, Im sure you know about the internet adage about finding looking for quality content on the net is like panning for gold in a river of shit.

In a word: fisting.

Im not sure why, but Xtube seems to be a repository for dudes who like their holes being stretched to the extreme by another guys handor forearm.

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