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Dragon ball sex

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Dragon ball sex
show is about the humorous adventures of a boy named Goku, who goes on a journey with a young girl named Bulma in the look for the 7 Dragon Balls.

This show is simply a classic!

It's very creative, it has lots of action and great characters, and the animation is great for the time it was made.

The show starts as kind of a comedy with martial arts but as the adventure goes on it turns into a more serious thing.

During Goku's journey he meets with all kinds of characters, and i really mean it ALL kinds.

Dragon Ball is that kind of show where everything can just happen!

Dragon Ball also has a great martial arts concept, the characters strength grow up as they train and fight, and they get all kind of techniques and abilities that make them even stronger.

The adventure goes from the race after the dragon balls against a little blue guy, to some fantastic martial arts tournaments, and it has also some legendary villains, it simply has everything!

If you haven't seen this great show -if that's even possible- don't waste time!

Download it, watch it on toonami, buy it, do as you can but watch it!

You won't be disappointed this show is really a classic!

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Permalink, one Hell of a show!


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