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The holy grail of rocketry has long been reusability, and SpaceX has for some time recycled its rockets, using component parts.

It made a successful "vertical landing" in December 2015 near the launch pad, but this landing of a Falcon 9, in January 2016, failed moments after touch-down, as the rocket tipped over on the drone ship it was supposed to land.

From covid-19 to climate disruption, from racial injustice to rising inequalities, we are a world in turmoil.

At the same time, we are an international community with an enduring vision embodied in the United Nations Charter, which marks its 75th anniversary this year.

That vision of a better future  based on the values of equality, mutual respect and international cooperation  has helped us to avoid a Third World War that would have had catastrophic consequences for life on our planet.

Science, hotel Soyuz, Moscow region.

Oral abstracts submission deadline, may 01, 2015.

Poster abstracts submission deadline, june 01, 2015.

Education 3-d International Laser Graduate School "Modern Problems of Laser Physics.

LGS-2009 moscow Vyatichi, November 9 11, 2009.

Seminar, march 21, 2014 15:00.A.

Akhmanov Hall, Nonlinear Optics Bld.

Zarahani, phone: (495)939-30-87, position: Born.


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