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CP SHOP WELCOM >>>>>>>>>>
, we are glad to announce that we have added the video gallery to the website.

Ana Luke's apartment is back online at a new location!

Maintainance, ana Luke's location will be offline until tomorrow, they are moving to a new and more spacious apartment.

Maintainance over, diana Alan's apartment is back online after a few hours in the dark.

Maintainance, diana Alan's apartment is offline due to internet connection issues.

We do our best to have them back online as soon as possible.

NEW apartment, a new apartment has been added to our website.

Happy stay to Vanesa and Zac.

Keep an eye on them!

NEW apartment, a new apartment has been added to the website.

We want to wish a happy stay to Rita Tom!

NEW couple, grace Tony will join Camarads today.

Keep an eye on!

NEW location, mila Lucy moved to a new apartment, they will be online starting with Wednesday - 13'th of February.

Excluded, lore Dan were excluded.

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