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X vidio hindi
/vdio audio (US).

Noun video ( countable and uncountable, plural videos ) A VHS video casette Television, television show, movie.

A short film clip, with or without audio (as in a music video, or one of the plethora of user-generated short movies on sites such as YouTube ).

Motion picture stored on VHS or some other format.

( dated ) VHS.

Usage notes Video is used in contrast with audio, which is sound only.

It is also sometimes used in contrast with film to describe all other motion picture formats, such as videotape and digital video.

The plural videmus is rare and used for humorous effect.

It is the first-person plural form of the Latin verb we see in the same way that video is the singular.

Related terms Translations Verb video ( third-person singular simple present videoes, present participle videoing, simple past and past participle videoed ) ( Britain ) To record using a video camera, to videotape ( Britain ) To record a television program.

Pronunciation IPA ( key /vidio/ Hyphenation: video Noun video m ( plural video's, diminutive videootje n) video, movie (regardless of medium) Synonyms: film, filmpje videotape Synonym: videoband video, video signal or the visual element of a medium.

Lets watch a movie (on VHS)!

Video recorder Synonyms: videorecorder, videospeler Derived terms Esperanto Pronunciation IPA ( key /video/ Hyphenation: video Rhymes: -eo Noun video ( accusative singular videon, plural videoj, accusative plural videojn ) video Estonian Noun video ( genitive video, partitive videot ) video Inflection.

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