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Mom and son xx

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Mom and son xx
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My son and I on our first camping trip together.

Last Friday I took an impromptu camping trip with my son.

After a week of moping due to my impending separation from Aidan's father, I decided it was time to find happiness again.

Who knew a twenty-year-old camper and a weekend with limited cell service would finally do the trick?

Some of my fondest memories from my childhood were when I was camping with my father.

We spent countless summers traveling up and down the east coast, with our motor home as our guide.

It was those trips that created the special bond my father and I share.

My parents divorce limited our visits to every other weekend and the length of my summer vacation from school.

But my father knew how to make the most of them.

Camping was "our thing." Last weekend gave me the opportunity to make it a "thing" for my son and I as dan's father has no interest in camping and never wanted.

So at the last minute when my father invited us to tag along on his camping trip, I jumped at the chance with no guilt.

I couldn't wait to teach Aidan all about "roughing." Plus the thought of me having some space from my ex for three whole days, made the road trip even more alluring.

We set off on our adventure Friday evening.

Aidan insisted we both lay in the bunk while my father drove.

I'm pretty sure this broke some sort of seatbelt law, but I justified it by telling myself it was more fun that way, and it beat trying to figure out how to strap his car seat into the chairs at the kitchen table.

Within 20 minutes he was fast asleep, making the three hour drive much more relaxing for.

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