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forming in your toilet bowl, youre not alone.

It is bacteria known as Serratia marcescens, according to Roxanne Johnson, North Dakota State University Extension Service water quality associate.

You may find this bacterium in moist areas such as toilet bowls, sinks, tiles, shower stalls, bathtub enclosures and even your pets water dish.

The bacteria will grow in places with materials containing phosphorus or fatty substances such as feces residues in your toilet or soap residue in a pets dish or the bathtub, shower and sink.

Occasionally the pinkish film appears during and after new construction or remodeling activities.

You see it more commonly when you have your windows open during the summer months.

I have observed this phenomenon form in the toilet bowl along the water line and at the openings where the water enters the toilet bowl, usually when Im gone for a few days, or in my guest bathroom that isnt used often, Johnson says.

The bacteria survive there because the water sits for a period of time, with the chlorine dissipating as it stands, she adds.

If you have an activated carbon filter on your water line, you are removing the chlorine and may be supporting the growth of the bacteria.

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